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Could this Really Save Planet Earth?

Could this Really Save Planet Earth?

Do you ever feel despair over the fate of the planet?

From nuclear meltdowns, oil spills, over flowing landfills and raging viruses, just reading the news can be overwhelming.

What if there was something you could do, something so simple even your children could help?

Would you do it or would you at least consider learning more about it?

There is a process according to Paul Stamets and he says quote:

“The tragedy in Japan has brought into focus, for me, what we could do to help heal the ecosystem. I suggest a novel mycoremediation strategy: The Nuclear Forest Recovery Zone. This approach would be to utilize the abundant wood debris, chipping it, and placing the chipped wood over the most contaminated landscapes. Thereupon, trees with mycorrhizal mushrooms, native to Japan, would uptake and hyperaccumulate radioactive metals, a phenomenon brought into focus after Chernobyl where one mushroom, Gomphidius glutinosus, concentrated 10,000 x the background, ambient levels of cesium 137.

Here is the url that has a PDF which describes, with references, this approach: click here

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We all must try to help the Earth recover from this global tragedy.”

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