Lifesong Legacy Prices

Lifesong Legacy Prices

The Price$ for your project is based on your project.  We will need to discuss the scope of your video project.  As a rule of thumb larger, more in-depth projects, such as a 60 minute documentary will have a higher fee due to the extensive time involved. [250+ hours]

The DIY [do-it-yourself] approach which allows you to do a lot of the organizing and detailed work can be around $500. Please keep in mind the post production process is the most time intensive.  [RULE 1:25 = every hour of video shot requires at least 25 hours of editing.]

Also ask me about low low prices for creating a video from your professional photos!

Mark Till
Lifesong Legacy Videography [read more click here]


Capturing the Present…Preserving the Past…
For the benefit of Future generations.




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