Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI [Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency] or a blockage in the veins that provide blood flow to and from the brain primarily. For more information see —> Vascular Access Centers & CCSVI – click here.

CCSVI is a treatment for MS that helps with the symptoms, it does not cure the disease but if you have vein blockage which most people with MS do, you must check this out.  A MRV not an MRI is needed to determine blockage.

Questions & Answers from Pacific Interventionalists, Inc., on the CCSVI procedure:
Q: Are you using the ‘Zamboni Method’ for treating the veins?
A: Yes we perform venograms on both the jugular veins and the azygos vein to check for any blockages just as Dr. Zamboni did in his study.
Q: Do you have an ‘IRB’?
A: The procedures we are performing on patients (venogram & angioplasty) have been in use for many decades. All devices and medications are FDA approved. Because endoenous angioplasty and stenting are established and safe techniques their application to the venous obstruction seen in the jugular and azygos veins is not experimental. No government approval is necessary and we do not need an IRB.  [READ MORE – click here]

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