Professional Grade Video at Low Cost

Do you need professional grade video at low cost? 

You might already know that professional videography is very expensive. A 3 minute promo video website can cost more than $5,000. Most are not aware of the enormous time and expense that goes into a high end video. A 3 minute promo could easily translate to 100+ hours of work and thousands of dollars of overhead. Small businesses often cannot afford this. Unless…. There are some special circumstances such as a family friend, pro bono work by the videographer or

The videographer is trying to establish his name in your area along with the draw of visiting family and friends. That’s my story. 

I was born, raised and formed on the West Coast for 50+ years, first in So Cal and then Portland Oregon. I now live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with my wife and my new business: Lifesong Legacy Videography. The goal is to make several trips per year to the West Coast. During these trips I will be offering professional grade videography to individuals, families, businesses, non-profits AT A VERY LOW COST.

My promotional video (link below) will give you an idea of the type of work I do.

My website has more information.

To your health and success,

Mark Till
Lifesong Legacy Videography
Capturing the Present… Preserving the Past
For the benefit of Future generations.


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