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Lifesavers – 5 Techniques You Need to Know

Lifesavers – 5 Techniques You Need to Know

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CPR is the combination of chest compression and breathing for someone who has drowned or had a heart attack, this technique helps restore breathing and/or the heart beat rhythm. Click here for a great youtube video.

The Heimlich Maneuver is designed to dislodge an obstruction that is blocking a person’s airway by thrusting on someone’s abdominal region from behind. This technique is commonly portrayed during restaurant scenes in movies, and you often see a large piece of food fly out of someone’s mouth. Click here for a great video on Heimlich steps for others or here, click here for Heimlich steps for children, click here for Heimlich steps for a baby and here for Heimlich for yourself.

Stop, Drop and Roll is process taught to elementary school age children, and is designed to be done when a person’s clothing has caught on fire. The steps to quickly put out a fire that is burning on someone, can in most cases, be accomplished quickly and safely.  Click here for a super video demonstrating Stop Drop Steps.

Basic Self Defense is a critical set of moves so you can fight off an assailant with efficiency and strength. These moves range from simply walking a certain way to protect yourself to defending yourself by aiming to hit the aggressor in the eye, nose or throat. Click here for a brief video on Basic Self Defense Techniques.

When an infant is choking, a unique set of rules apply when it comes to emergency care. Infant back blows and chest thrusts, along with things like mouth sweeping and getting help fast, can be lifesaving when done accurately. Click here for a basic video on techniques to help an Infant.

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