Asteroid strickes Earth at Chicxulub the End of an Era T-Rex

A new study conducted by scientists from five different countries determine an asteroid (15 kilometre or 9 miles) wide crashed into the Earth at Chicxulub triggering large scale fires, earthquakes measuring more than 10 on the Richter scale, continental landslide and tsunamis. From Reuters article March 4, 2010.


The asteroid is thought to have hit Earth with a force a billion times more powerful than the atomic bomb at Hiroshima. Blast material flew into the atmosphere, shrouding the planet in darkness, causing a global winter.

Geological records show the event that triggered the dinosaurs’ demise rapidly destroyed marine and land ecosystems, they said, and the asteroid hit “is the only plausible explanation for this.” Fossil records clearly show a mass extinction about 65.5 million years ago. [read more – Click here]

*Asteroid Kills Dinosaurs and Sparks World Wide Fires

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