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Microphone Problem – This is Weird

Microphone Problem – This is Weird

Have you ever had this problem with your USB Headset and microphone?

I purchased a new headset with microphone and everything including the microphone worked.  But the next time I tried to use the microphone there was no sound when attempting to record or use on callsI spent hours working through various checks and finally found a microphone detail that was NOT listed in features.


Mic with headset and controls. USB_Headset with microphone which has volume controls on the ear cuff.  AND between the volume up and volume down is a round center button which can be clicked to turn the microphone on or pause the microphone.

The microphone with headset is great and works well but if you hear of someone having problems please pass this information along.



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  1. Mike_Smith Avatar

    I had the same_problem. Did not realize_there was a button_for the_MIC. Appreciate the solution_post.

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